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Japanese Calligrapher / Artist / Designer

Seicho is a New York based Japanese calligrapher and logo designer. Seicho means Quiet Butterfly. She started to play with brush at the age of 6, began to blossom her talent as a calligrapher around the time in college. She studied under the Master Calligrapher Seifu Makino who is well known calligrapher in Kyoto Japan, and that brushed her skill even more. Her calligraphy works won many prizes and were exhibited all over Japan. In 1996, she became Master Calligrapher "Seicho". Her latest work is the logo of New York Cat Photo Exhibition.

What I can

- Write Japanese calligraphy for business logo, package design, sake & wine bottle logo - Write a menu (today's special) for restaurant/bar, scan and deliver the digital file. (images coming soon) - Write any Japanese characters on the paper, scan and deliver the digital file. - Visit restaurant/bar to write a menu ( NYC area only ) etc.

Please feel free to send me a message or inquiry.

Look forward to spreading my calligraphy all over the world!

ニューヨーク在住の書道家静蝶は6歳より書道を始め、21歳の時に師範 牧野静風氏より雅号「静蝶」を頂く。踊ってる様に勢いよく書く書体が特徴。書道、茶道、民舞を通じて日本文化の魅力を世界へ発信中。

書家 牧野静風に師事 / 雅号 静蝶

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All photos on this site were taken by Seicho